MYLGAMES New Arrival PUBG Games Mini Box Shooting Games Card Arcade Games Machine for Sale

Size:  D620*W620*H1200mm
Power: 60W
Voltage: 110V-220V
Packing CBM: 1CBM
Net Weight:  50KG

Single Player 
Lottery or Score Optional 
Card System Optional 
Coin Acceptor Ready

Nowadays, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) have became the most popular FPS/TPS Shooting Games, meanwhile, there were some popular PUBG accessories were born. Today, I will recommend a Mini Box Coin Operated Arcade Games--Mini PUBG Games for Children.
1. Games started. you need to exchange the games coin and insert the machine to start the games.From the beginning, it would come with a handgun and assault rifle G36.
2. Head hit to kill the enemy quickly, cause your HP would be decrease when you get enemy attack, and the games is over after HP down to zore. You can choose to end the games or insert the coin to continue the games. Each level would have a big boss, kill the boss you can pass the level and gain gun card reward.
Reward new Gun Card. There are about 20 kinds of weapon for now. Meanwhile, you only need to put the gun card on the Card Reading zone, then you will get a new powerful gun on the games. And the card can be refuse on this games in the funture only if the bullets is reloading, and just need to exchange the games coin to start the games.
3. It will need each ten hours to recover the bullets after the bullets have been run out, so it would be necessary to take good notice of your bullets for more games level.
4. The enemy will become more powerful with the games going, meanwhile, the weapon is the same. The gun you used most, then you would have a more and more powerful weapon.
5. The design of this arcade games, would make the games become more palyability. Also, it will increase the games dependence degree. Kids can collect the gun card and would like to play after weapon recoved.
6. With the time going, the games can keep upgrade the games level and weapon, and it's only need to usd a USB driver to copy the updated file and download into the games PCBA.